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2868 30th St | Boulder, CO 80301
Fitness & Wellness: synonymous with Longevity

about us

Functional Fitness the way we do it, was the brain child of Samuel Iannetta since before Sam started his practice in Boulder in 1992. 

After discovering the fact that most personal training certifications did not comprehensively cover how to train trainers to deal with specific, personal issues of their clients (as Sam puts it making it impersonal training). Sam set out to create a better system of analysis and corrective exercise. Starting with what many would consider basic Gait Analysis he looked up the chain of body movement to take into account a gross assessment of overall movement then detail out the issues causing movement discrepancies. 

Using advanced muscle testing, joint testing, and analysis as needed Sam’s system deciphers where the start of the issue is and what activation's, movements and corrective exercises will eliminate the issue and add to overall Fitness Longevity® this is Sam’s patented system. 

Fitness Longevity® is on its way to being a certification that experienced smarter than normal trainers can try to pass certifying them as a Fitness Longevity Specialist®.  Many trainers claim to be doing Functional Fitness and when examined their fitness programs are actually dysfunctional and damaging, don’t be fooled.