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2868 30th St | Boulder, CO 80301
Fitness & Wellness: synonymous with Longevity
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Functional Fitness's personal training services are an analysis based approach.  We look at each individuals subtle differences in movement and function to determine what movement or exercise patterns would give you the greatest improvement in function over a lifetime.  Many times we can help solve the problems that are the cause of aches, pain and suffering due to life's wear and tear, trauma and injuries.  Improved movement and function just makes sense.  Our concepts are founded in science, knowledge and experience but more importantly we apply the "Laws of Common Sense" as Sam would put it.  From all of his and his trainer's experience in personal training and in life Sam formulated a system of training for "Fitness Longevity™". Most other programs and fitness concepts make no sense in the long term.

Fitness Longevity™ is the brain child of  Sam Iannetta the Founder of Functional Fitness and the concept is to look at fitness and fitness level from the standpoint of a lifetime not just a moment in time. Sam's concepts will be featured in a book called "Change Agents" where different experts will be discussing quality change in each of their areas of expertise.