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At Functional Fitness we are very lucky to have talented physical therapists working out of the facility.

In physical therapy treatment, no two patients are identical. Each individual's personality, needs, history, injury, strengths and weaknesses combine to form a distinct case that merits a treatment plan as unique as the patient. In my practice, each patient is scheduled for a session lasting up to an hour with a therapist who provides one-on-one care. Through uninterrupted time listening and frequent assessments during treatment, my goal is to achieve fast and permanent results. With this philosophy, we find the source of the problem and correct it for life.
Sandy Bertrand is a very talented in orthopedic physical therapist, specializing in manual therapy, bio mechanical analysis, movement retraining and integrative bio-medical needling, FMS corrective therapy. Click here for more


Katharine Hauge, PT, DPT, OCS has 15 years experience as a Physical Therapist treating people with a wide range of orthopedic and sports injuries.  
By staying current on treatment techniques and advances in orthopedic medicine, she helps people reach their individual goals efficiently.  Treatments can include trigger point dry needling, a range of manual manipulation techniques, and a thorough postural and movement analysis. 
She assesses her patients' functional movement patterns which is essential to helping them recover and stay injury-free.  Whether a patient has unresolved back pain, joint pain, weakness, or needs post-surgical rehab, Katharine is committed to providing sound advice and excellent health care.