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sam iannetta

Specialties:  "Fitness Longevity™" Functional Analysis. Pre/post rehabilitation. Postural analysis and correction. Motivation. Parkinson’s disease. Weight loss and control. Increasing endurance. Optimizing strength. Natural osteoporosis prevention and reversal. Increasing energy and energetic balance. Nutrition and food planning. Disease control. Pre Post Natal, Corporate wellness.

Recently due to his innovative thinking Sam was chosen to put into ink his concept of "Fitness Longevity™" which will be a chapter in a new book called Change Agents to be released in August 2013.

  • Over 44,000+ hours personal training experience
  • Author "Change Agents"
  • Advanced Certified Personal Trainer—National Academy of Sports Medicine.
  • Accredited Fitness Therapist—National Fitness Therapy Association.
  • Past member of the Colorado Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, elected to Board of Directors 2 years.
  • Has held more than eighteen national certifications in personal training and nutrition.
  • Three-time American record-breaking power lifter—Lifetime Drug Free (PURE).
  • Colorado power lifting champion and record-breaker in numerous events (PURE).
  • Multiple Trademarks for "Fitness Longevity" and Functional Fitness
  • CPR and First Aid certifications for 15 years.

With Sam, you laugh a lot. You’ll probably sweat, too, but you cheerfully find out where you are in space and how you move through it. And that becomes you.
Your vision clears. You see yourself anew, renewed, starting new. Fun example? Think of penguins. OK. Now—are they on the ice or in the water? What a difference! You can instantly see how differently they move in each environment. So, just reading about Sam Iannetta has already sparked your vision about movement. And Sam’s vision is sparked that same way the first time he sees you. He sees how you would be on ice or in water—or running, lifting, jumping or going from your triathlon to putting away your groceries. And that’s a great start because expanding vision, both yours and his, and seeing where you are, is a big part of how Sam works with you.
Now how about the rest of you? Getting together personally with Sam brings you into a close encounter with an imaginative power that will put you in the driver’s seat of an individual program rich with real-world results. That’s because Sam thinks it through just for you. You’ll quickly feel how his decades of experience, his keen observations, and his gift for innovation relieve you of years of unhelpful, perhaps even damaging, movement patterns. You actually start to think better. Imagine better. Move better. Be better. Then you become your own expert on how to live at your best and laugh off the rest. Yes, penguins may have some flying issues. But they swim sleek. And Sam sees the potential in everyone to swim sleekly through life.

As a rambunctious 11-year old, Sam was thrilled to buy his first weight set with his yard work earnings. Then he hurt himself unloading it. The lesson lasted, and he saw right from the start that he wanted to know how to start right. The guys at the Police Athletic League gym took him under their wing. Soon, not even the bigger kids at his school were as strong as Sam. They began asking him for advice, and by age 14, he took on his first personal training client.
Sam’s fervent curiosity kept driving him to know more about how the body works. His older brother was studying pre-med, and Sam dove into his anatomy books. This lit up for him how muscles and joints moved together, and that laid the foundation for what would later become his analysis-based system of optimal function in any arena of life.
Gaining new confidence in your own healthy biomechanics is one of the things you get from working with Sam. His analysis is unique. But in developing his system, Sam first had to break through much hide-bound conventional thought about strength and fitness. He had to prove it to himself. Feel it. So he found himself actually reverse-engineering every movement in the book. He began by asking basic questions that hadn’t occurred to others in the field. Questions such as: What’s that muscle made to do? How is that joint supposed to move? What keeps it healthy? So when a typical trainer might direct you to do bicep curls or chin-ups, Sam and his trainers might first ask you: Why are you doing that? And when you do it, what stabilizes you so you’re not wearing something out.
Sam hit on the reverse-engineering approach to biomechanics from one of the jobs he had after college. He was putting finely tuned valves through grueling tests. He marveled in discovering how quickly he could destroy things through forces of torque(twist), sheer, compression load and repetitive wear patterns—the same forces that destroy our bodies. In consulting with scientists at NASA, he innovated a new way to protect valves that snap shut at high speed. He later realized he could use this same scientific approach to protect bodies in motion, too. 

Sam puts three decades of thought into your training. Enlivening yourself by putting Sam’s depth of experience and creativity on your side is like becoming your own masterpiece with a master trainer guiding your hand. To put this into perspective, consider Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000-hour rule from his book, Outliers: The Story of Success. Gladwell’s survey reveals that it takes at least 10,000 hours to become expert in anything—then more to create something new. If you want to take your cello to Carnegie Hall, it’ll be 10,000 hours just to get through Julliard. Want to be one of the Beatles? Play 10,000 hours in the cave clubs of Hamburg, Germany. When Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger skimmed Flight 1549 safely down on the Hudson River, he had 19,000 hours of flight time. Sam Iannetta has over 40,000 hours of personal training experience.
Sam has sprung professional athletes up to new goals and bounced semi-pro couch potatoes off to new springs. He has conducted seminars for corporations and organizations in all areas of health and fitness. His continuing inventions of techniques, equipment and unique training programs have put him at the leading edge of innovators, soon-to-be patent holders, creators and, every once in a while, candlestick makers (not to mention janitors). Sam has held eighteen national certifications in personal training and nutrition and maintains only the best, including the National Academy of Sports Medicine, ACPT (Advanced Certified Personal Trainer) and National Fitness Therapy Association, Accredited Fitness Therapist. He has been CPR and First Aid Certified for more than 15 years. He is the father of three and revels in a playful embrace of life.

More than an avid exercise enthusiast, Sam has broken the American power lifting record three times. In winning multiple Colorado power lifting championships, he has broken state records in many categories as well. He competes in the Lifetime Drug Free category (sometimes called PURE), and in many competitions Sam uses no supportive equipment. Throughout Sam’s life, he has enjoyed many sports, including, but definitely not limited to, football, baseball, wrestling, Ultimate Frisbee, boxing, martial arts, hiking, cycling, mountain biking (especially downhill), motorcycling, auto racing, boogie boarding and surfing (the small stuff).
In order to share his views on fitness and sport, Sam has donated his time to schools and government agencies, teaming with those who seek to recharge some of the policies regarding physical education for our young people. He served on the board of directors of the Colorado Governor’s Council for Physical Fitness, a strictly volunteer group that promotes physical activity and exercise programs and sponsors youth events throughout the state.

Although you may hear the term “Functional Fitness” used elsewhere, it was Sam who originated the analysis system behind it. And it’s only Sam’s analysis and precise execution that can breathe life into an otherwise empty term and make fitness truly functional. That’s because Sam has seen that it’s the essence of “Life” itself, particularly your life and how you live it, that is the genius of the system. He has discovered that by using everyday life movements, he and his trainers can analyze skeletal position, muscular discrepancies and movement patterns to determine what is moving properly and improperly. We all have our quirks. But Sam’s analysis sorts them out just for you. Then he and his trainers create exercise programs that truly change the way you move and set you on the path to pain-free fitness. So, your own personal analysis leads to your own program that then builds greater strength, flexibility, stability and balance, naturally, from your own movements.
Often, movement problems are the root cause of many physical and emotional ailments. You may be like the many clients who have come to Functional Fitness and have seen issues like these disappear: depression, joint aches and pains, postural issues, symptoms of fibromyalgia, loss of energy, back pain, headaches and migraines, just to name a few.
Sam’s way of dealing with these disorders is many-fold. He’ll show you so many ways to work your kinks out that they won’t be able to keep up with you. But your smiles will. His specialty is creating exceptional workouts that correct core movement problems and move you through space in the healthiest, most joyful way, all while increasing your strength and decreasing your risks of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.  He gets to the source of the problem, not just the symptom. And he does it in the buoyant atmosphere of teamwork and camaraderie that is the community spirit of Functional Fitness. 
So, whether you want to manage a pack on your way up Everest or manage your weight and energy on your way through a healthy happy life, get with the guy who knows how to fix you up—long term. Maybe Sam’s mother said it best about what a natural he is.  She said: “I’d give Sam broken toys. He’d play with broken toys till they weren’t broken anymore.”
You’ll see how to link up your own best image of yourself with Sam’s vision of you living happily, unbroken, in optimal health.  No matter what kind of shape you might be in, no matter what goals or injuries or conditions you might have, Sam sees how to help you break through and move to one new level after the next. So, now, think of leopards,or maybe wombats? No—make it dolphins. Go for the sleek. Send out your sonar to Sam.

Baccalaureate degree in Exercise Science from University of California, Davis
Minors in Nutrition and Sport Psychology from University of California, Davis

Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM)
Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, National Academy of Sport
Medicine (NASM)
Red Cross First Aid and CPR for Adults, Children, and Infants
BTS Barefoot Training Specialist: Level 2 - training focused on
foot/ankle/leg stability, strength, and Proprioception for better Biomechanics

Corrective Exercise
Gait Analysis
Functional Movement Analysis
Injury Prevention
Injury Rehabilitation
Pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and postnatal exercise
Special populations and those with various health issues
Weight loss and maintenance

Lisa loves to hear that a client is experiencing more joy and less pain on their bike rides, that a client is back to running because their back pain no longer exists, or that an athlete is performing better because their biomechanics are more efficient.  Living and enjoying life, that is what it is about!

Lisa understands that her clients are multifaceted individuals.  Fitness is not just about fat loss or strength, it is much more complex.  Fitness is about improving your life, having vitality, and a body that is agile, flexible, strong, and has longevity, so that personal goals can be reached both today and in the future.

During Lisa's years of working in health care, she saw patients treated from the outside in.  Surgeries, braces / orthotics supports, and medication were common.  When she encountered her own aches and pains, followed by serious injuries, and subsequent surgeries, she gained further insight into how injuries are rehabilitated.  Each part of the body that was injured or had an issue seemed to be treated alone, as though it wasn't connected to the rest of the body.   

Being well trained in gait analysis and biomechanics, she knew that each joint and muscle could have profound influence over the rest of the body.   There had to be a better way.  

Through research and study she discovered the techniques of corrective and functional exercises.  This was the missing piece and the key to injury prevention, rehabilitation, and optimal performance.     

Each of Lisa's clients will begin with a complete fitness, gait, and movement analysis.  In the analysis, Lisa will look at the entire body and how each individual part is affecting the other areas of the body.   By looking at the way a client walks and moves through the world, Lisa determines which muscles might be out of balance in relation to other muscles, or not contracting in a timely manner when the body needs them most.

Using information from the evaluation she will create a customized exercise programs to help you reach your bodies peak level of performance, Lisa will create truly customized exercise program to help you achieve your bodies peak level of performance, while simultaneously helping to increase the longevity of your joints and prevent future issues and injuries.

Orthotist at Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center
Designed and fabricated bracing systems for a variety of medical issues.
Specialized in Diabetic Foot, Post-Polio, and Gait Evaluation
Orthotist at University of California, Davis Medical Center
Designed and fabricated bracing systems for a variety of medical
issues including injuries, arthritis, long term illness, and post amputation


Katharine Hauge, PT, DPT, OCS has 15 years experience as a Physical Therapist treating people with a wide range of orthopedic and sports injuries.  
By staying current on treatment techniques and advances in orthopedic medicine, she helps people reach their individual goals efficiently.  Treatments can include trigger point dry needling, a range of manual manipulation techniques, and a thorough postural and movement analysis. 
She assesses her patients’ functional movement patterns which is essential to helping them recover and stay injury-free.  Whether a patient has unresolved back pain, joint pain, weakness, or needs post-surgical rehab, Katharine is committed to providing sound advice and excellent health care.

Kaitie, always having favored an active, athletic lifestyle growing up, decided it was only natural to dedicate her career to helping others incorporate movement into their lives as well.  But when she began training at Functional Fitness she discovered a whole new aspect to the fitness realm; functional, corrective and sustainable training tailored to the life needs of the individual.  She began to see how she could help others become stronger in a way that would improve their functionality in everyday life as well as safeguard them from injury.  Wishing her life had been guided by the expertise of Sam’s program from the very beginning, it became her goal to create this awareness for others so they may understand that pain doesn’t have to be a daily experience and age does not dictate fitness. kaitie

Kaitie is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and a Barefoot Training Specialist, who is passionate and committed to helping others live a balanced, happy and healthy life through education, awareness, functional movement.  She assesses movement patterns in her clients and develops a personal program that will help them to accomplish their goals. Whether this means relief from pain; greater strength, ability and longevity; rehabilitation of injury; or increased general fitness and mobility, Kaitie has been trained to recognize what her clients need and how to deliver results.

In addition to her clients, Kaitie is also passionate about music, sports and the outdoors.  She loves catching live shows, mountain biking, hiking fourteeners and backpacking whenever possible.  Adventure is an integral part of her life, and she is always happy to inspire others to explore or assist them in more aptly maintaining a satisfying lifestyle.


Evan is a National Academy of Sports Medecine Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist, a Barefoot Training Specialist, and Functional Movement Screener. Training with Evan is fun, challenging, and educational. Growing up Evan worked in the high-end service industry in Santa Barbara, CA. he prides himself on providing the best personalized care possible. His mission as a trainer is not just to get clients out of pain, feeling strong, energized, and able to handle all of lives challenges, but to do so in a way that promotes long term health and well being.Being appalled at the numerous and dangerous “get fit quick” fades and gimmicks, Evan takes a client’s whole life into consideration when training any client whether child, teen, adult or senior. Proper movement patterns, joint alignment, muscle balance, form and technique are the life blood of longevity and what you can expect from working with Evan.

Evan Specializes in:
-Getting clients STRONG. So they can go do what they love better and for longer.
-Teaching clients to counteract and undo the damage done to their bodies from sustained postures and repetitive stress from their job.
- Working with female clients before, during, and after pregnancy to build and rebuild their bodies intelligently.
- Working with children, teens, and the young at heart.
- Helping senior clients get strong and remain independent, and powerful.

melissa stieber

My objective is a position at a health and wellness facility emphasizing physical and mental awareness, which will allow me to continue to develop my skills in personal training. 

At Functional Fitness since 2005, Melissa has sharpened her skills in actively listening to her clients to understand their needs.  She then provides her clients with an initial evaluation, on the spot corrections, specific exercises, and homework to meet their needs.  A follow-up range of motion and functional analysis is then performed.  She and her client construct a program that can be applied on the road, in the home, and at the gym.  Clients goals range from pre-habilitation, pain management, post-rehabilitation, and general fitness improvement

.Melissa is an avid cycling enthusiast, who has cycled in the French Alps & Pyrenees, the Italian Dolomites & Lake District, the Belgian pave of Liege, and Germany.  Of course, she loves to cycle the roads of Boulder and Colorado.

Melissa is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and a certified Sivananda Yoga instructor.  Currently, she is co-authoring a new yoga training manual for teachers.

jeremy By Danny Suter:  Part of my vision at BPN is to provide a network of resources for athletes and clients. Resources that will help each individual reach their personal goals and help them perform at optimal levels. The following companies and professionals have demonstrated expertise, passion, and service of the highest level. They are athletes, so they know about the real world just like you. You can count on these network members to help you reach your goals. Some provide special services for BPN (Boulder Performance Network) clients. Please contact each provider directly to learn how they can help you.
In my view, performance, enjoyment and injury prevention in cycling starts with a bike that fits YOU. I have had dozens of bike fits over the years and The Sports Garage provides the most thorough fits I’ve ever experienced. Then they follow through with a commitment and service level that is unmatched by other retailers. If you are looking for a new road or mountain bike, call sports garage, schedule a bike fit and soon you will be on a bike that fits you, your budget, and your riding style! Visit the Sports Garage Site for information on the fit process, services and bike available.


wendy woods

Wendy is certified as a fitness professional by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is a Certified Massage Therapist. She holds her BA in Movement Therapy from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.  In 1998 she became a certified Yoga instructor through the International Sivananda Vedananta Organization. She is a trained Reiki Master, as well as a level 1 Qigong Energy Healer.  

Wendy is currently studying to be a CranioSacral Therapist.  She believes that combining movement with body work is a highly effective approach to help treat and prevent injury as well as create a overall sense of wellbeing.

Wendy has 12yrs of classical dance training and has performed professionally in such styles of dance including, Salsa, African and Modern dance.

In high school she was an All-State Track and Field competitor.  With all around high scores, she qualified to compete as a Heptathlete in the Junior Olympics in Barcelona, Spain.  Instead of becoming a college Heptathlete, Wendy decided to go on a deeper journey into healing and began studying alternative medical treatments.  She began by studying Tai Chi in Upstate New York.  This lead to taking residency in Quebec Canada, on an Ashram teaching Yoga and meditation.  She continued her studies in Nursing but found allopathic medicine to be unfulfilling and decided to continued to live her passion in alternative medicine and movement.

Wendy works with all ages beginning from 9yr to 90+yrs. She has a special quality that allows her to be a highly effective trainer and educator.  She has worked with several clients post cancer rehabilitation, sports injuries, and chronic pain issues.

Wendy has much experience in treating lower back, neck, shoulders, knee injuries and pain. She often works in collaborating with a clients health providers such physical therapist, chiropractors, massage therapist and doctors to create continuity in her clients medical treatments. Wendy is known for meeting her clients ‘where they are at”.  This results in her clients feeling a sense of great trust and confidence that there goals and needs,in an ongoing basis, will be met. She is a true personal trainer.

will leboeuf
Will is a recent graduate from CU Boulder with a B.S in Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology. He has been working as a personal trainer for three years spending time as a strength and conditioning coach, teaching bio-mechanically sound Olympic lifting and is also a certified Crossfit Coach. Will decided to become a personal trainer after seeing the incredible benefits while helping a friend lose weight move and feel better while achieving his fitness goals. During Will's diverse experience he has seen many strength programs be more damaging than beneficial to athletes over the long term and is determined to put a stop to these poor movement practices.

Alex is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist with a Bachelors Degree in Human Nutrition, Foods & Exercise from Virginia Tech. Her personal weight loss and health journey lead to a strong passion in helping women and young girls not only lose weight, but also gain strength and confidence in their lives.

Alex recently moved to Boulder from Charlotte, NC where she worked in a small women’s only gym and also owned her own fitness business designed specifically for teen aged and young women. Although her career has focused strongly on women’s health she loves to help anyone reach their personal fitness goals in a healthy and positive way. She wants you to move better, feel less pain and become a stronger, healthier you! Her philosophy is that any exercise you engage in should be fun and enjoyable, not stressful or obligatory. Therefore she strives to create workouts with each individual in mind and deliver a positive and encouraging environment for all of her clients.

Outside of the gym Alex loves to hike, ski and be outside whenever she can. She loves all animals and hopes to one-day have land enough to rescue old and/or no longer needed farm and work animals.

kate newell

Kate brings a rich assortment of skills and experience to her Advanced Therapeutics Sessions. Her unique blending of movement therapies and bodywork techniques facilitate a synergistic approach that provides optimal results.
Kate feels that wellness is as important as fitness. Years of working with clients one on one has taught her that they are more consistent with their exercise programs if they are pain free, sleeping well, eating well and striving for balance in their lives. To this end she continues to educate herself in nutrition, herbology, aromatherapy and breathing techniques as well as orthopedic and movement therapies.

In the past Kate has taught water aerobics and body-mind aerobics classes, managed health clubs, worked with celebrities at the Ritz-Carlton in Chicago, and owned /operated a clinical massage therapy business on Maui. In her spare time she likes to hike, snowshoe, and participate in community dance troupes.

  • Functional training and structural
  • Alignment Post rehab and "prehab"
  • Golf and Tennis Conditioning
  • Deconditioned individuals or those dealing with pain
  • Young Athletes and Seniors
  • American Massage Therapy Association
  • Certified Massage Therapist B.A.
  • Natural Therapy and Preventive Medicine
  • Northeastern Illinois Univ./Antioch College D.N.
  • Doctor of Naprapathy (joint/ligament alignment)
  • American College of Sports Medicine
  • Certified Exercise Physiologist National Academy of sports Medicine
  • Certified Personal Trainer Reiki Master Functional Movement Systems - Level I
  • Kinesiotaping - Level I & II
  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization - Level I
  • Kaiut Yoga Teacher Training - Level I