Functional Fitness

Birthplace of Fitness Longevity®

Functional Fitness takes the safety of our team and our clients very seriously. We have added a UV sanitizer to the ducts of the HVAC system so the air is sanitized of bacteria, viruses and mold as it travels through the heating and ventilation system. All surfaces that a client comes in contact with is sanitized after each use and all surfaces are cleaned many times throughout the day. Our clients stay safe working out with us!

Personal Training

By analyzing your movement patterns we tailor your workout to exactly what you need for stability and strength, motivation and fun.


Sports and Agility

Whether your goals are sports performance, speed, agility, or just plain old motivation, we can help.


Corrective Exercise

Corrective exercises restore posture, stability, flexibility and strength by training your body to move with correct form.

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Physical Therapy

We provide Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Structural Integration (Rolfing) in addition to Personal Training.

Who We Are

Functional Fitness is a family owned and operated fitness center specializing in corrective, functional exercises for all age groups, shapes, and sizes. Many of our clients have felt like they never fit in to the large, corporate gym environment. We are small, specific, and individualized. Our goal is to meet the needs of our clients by teaching them how to maintain a healthy fitness level over the course of their lives.

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What We Do

We create a personalized plan to improve how YOU move. We do this by performing an individualized functional analysis that identifies poor movement patterns. Over time these patterns lead to muscle imbalance and tension and joint pain. If we can align your body and help you move correctly with ease, you will increase your quality of life and better avoid injury.

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What Our Clients Say

I'm a senior citizen who has been working out here for four years. What I really like is that Functional Fitness tailors training to fit the needs of the client. It's not a one size fits all gym. I am walking better and have even gotten back more than half an inch in height as a result of the work I've been doing there. I'm in better condition than when I started training there. I would definitely recommend Functional Fitness.

I recently started working out at Functional Fitness with a trainer, Alex, whom I really like. She keeps me moving at a rate that pushes me just enough. I come out of our sessions feeling really good about myself and looking forward to the next session!

Barbara T.

Knowledgeable, caring and fun staff. Excellent equipment, wonderful vibe and atmosphere to train in. As a former professional in this field myself, and a life long gym rat, I would enthusiastically recommend Functional Fitness to anyone who wants to functionally change, improve, or maintain their fitness, over all health, and real life physicality.

Cy H.

Sam and his entire staff are absolutely amazing! With experience, education and every day-training, they are all exceptionally knowledgeable and excited to help you reach your goals! Keep on keeping on team!

Carlie M.

Functional Fitness - Boulder, Colorado