Chest/Diaphragm/Ab/Shoulder Blade Integration: Standing Chest Fly

Never do chest fly off a bench, the angle of load is too harsh on the deeper structures of the glenohumeral joint. If you want to know what structures, you will have fun looking up a diagram of the anterior aspect of the humeral head into the coracoid process. Have fun!

Things to feel:

  • Shoulder blades stay on the back, inhale as the weight pulls chest open, and exhale during the contraction phase. Keep chest open and abs active. When the arms are moving back, concentrate on the shoulder blades being pushed together, the stretch is amazing and it lubricates the shoulder.
  • Weight is generally less at first 10-15 lbs. Increase in increments of 5 lbs until you find a good 10-15 rep weight. This is a long lever exercise, so the load dramatically increases at the shoulder. You will know what I mean when you put 25 lbs on cable cross and make the move happen.