Compound Lunge/ Shoulder Swing (advanced)

If you have shoulder injuries prior to this exercise, you probably know if your shoulder can take the load and range. Please consider the current state of your shoulders and knees before attempting new unfamiliar exercise.

Things to avoid in this exercise:

  • knees do not wobble side to side, back remains strong and straight, shoulder blades stay on back and do not pull the spine into flexion at all.
  • start with low weight (5 lbs) at first, make sure the feet are properly spaced to allow for proper knee flexion, knee never dives beyond the beginning of toes. Keep range small at first, until the timing becomes clear and your body does the move with integrity and smoothness.

2-3 sets of 10-20 reps. Compound moves are multi-joint and multi-planed motions that require a great deal of awareness and can be very fun. You don’t even need weights for this move, your arms generally are heavy enough to provide ample load, not to mention the addition of speed.