Deep Bicep Curl

This is what a real bicep curl should feel like.

  • Start with body weight focused in the heel.
  • Feel pressure in the abdomen by gentle flexing the belly.
  • Gently reach elbows toward ground, gently reach top of head toward ceiling. (this creates a web/grid of tension) not too hard yet.
  • While squeezing elbow, lift hands towards shoulders, during the last half of the elbow flexing, slowly rotate the weight ending with palm facing shoulder/knuckles toward the ceiling.
  • Once you get up to speed, feel the entire body weight rock through the heel and slightly moving into the middle of foot. You will build a lot of heat!!!!
  • The back should not sway front to back, it should feel stable, hips remaining over knees, not bending. Lastly shoulder blades should feel tension as they are held together on the back.

This one looks very easy, and it is, but only after you have felt how the tensional body relates wholly. Quite full of fun sensation this one is!!