Dumbell Press on Ball with Hip Stabilization


Another compound move, creates a lot of stabilization in the core. Start with lighter weight until you understand how to set up the move (setup means how you get into the move in order to perform the move). Feel these tensional hot points to better perform the move!

  • Keep hips driving into the ceiling, this will light up the gluts/hamstrings, Abs are engaged and playing along, inhale as the weight goes down, exhale as you press
  • Neck will be resting on the ball, keep the majority of the ball loaded on the shoulder blades, not too much load in neck!
  • This is not a fly, keep the free weights aligned with shoulders, feel shoulders squeezed together and contacting the ball

2-3 sets of 10-20 reps

(start with a lighter weight to understand how to get in and out of the move, then move to a more suitable weight, if you are avid at bench pressing with Free Weights, you will notice adding instability to the sequence makes your normal load much harder, so take it easy!!!) When finished gently place the weight on the ground, no throwing weight, it’s bad gym etiquette..