What is Fitness Longevity®?

"Fitness Longevity® has to do with how long you're going to stay fit and how well you're going to be fit for the rest of your life." - Sam Iannetta

What are the Six Elements of Fitness Longevity®?

Gait: The way you walk may be wearing out your joints long term. Walking well is a learned skill.

Alignment: Proper alignment is crucial to feeling good and moving well. Learning how to adjust your alignment can be easier than you think.

Normal Range of Motion: Flexibility is the way most of us think of ROM. Many believe that more is better and passive stretching is good. Both are incorrect.

Functional Muscular Strength: High levels of strength can be temporarily great. But dysfunctional strength can destroy our ability to move well at all.

Structural Stability: This is putting all of the above together so that when our body is acted upon by an outside force it stays intact long-term.

Eating and Food: Quantity, Quality, and Quiet says it all.  Don't eat too much. Eat good quality and nutritious food. And take the time to eat and breathe.

Older woman sitting on fitness ball

My system and my trainers have helped clients make great changes for the better. Regardless of how “fit” they were to begin with, from sedentary to extreme athletic, infant to senior and every type in between, Fitness Longevity® can help everyone. We are experts in analysis and creating exercise programs for real life fitness. Fitness that changes the way your body adapts to the challenges of life, while paying attention to the positions and movements that can destroy your body long term.


What can I  do to help you or your family, your company or your school, your school system or organization improve and enter the Fitness Longevity® Paradigm?  I offer seminars, workshops, and coaching for groups and one on one personal analysis and coaching for individuals - in our location or yours. Fitness Longevity® professional training, certification and continuing education is offered as well as goal oriented and injury prevention for individual athletes and sports team training programs. Analysis of your family, group or organization can be scheduled at our location or yours. Please contact me for more information.