High to Low Swing with Weight Shift


I’m not going to tell you what muscles this works, as it takes away from discovering for yourself, so enjoy feeling how ripped this move will make you! hehe

Notice position of machine and play around with position to cable.

Things to feel:

  • Weight shifts from foot to foot, Back is slouchless, chest stays lifted from beginning to end. Abs are on no matter what. Feet stay pointing in there respective directions. As you get comfortable with the move, the unloaded foot and pivot slightly.
  • Breathing is Inhale through the return, and Exhale through the pull.
  • Notice she doesn’t go for huge ranges, and she doesn’t ramp up the speed hardcore. Start out slow and short, then work in the speed. Range should be knee to knee, no more.
  • Resistance starts out light around 10-15 lbs. at first. Max load is up to your structure. 10-15 rep for 3 sets