• Our facility is available 24/7
  • We have open floor space for stretching, functional movement and breathing room
  • The facility is entirely on 1st floor for easy access
  • A professional setting designed to create the best possible training environment
  • Natural light enters the facilities through huge coated glass west facing windows for beautiful views
  • Most days, weather permitting, doors are open so air flows freely in the center
  • 4 restroom / changing rooms - we appreciate our privacy and believe you do too. Set up like a home with a 3/4 bath.
  • No charge for a towel
  • Non slip coatings on all bathroom surfaces
  • Eldorado Springs purified drinking water is always available


  • 7 separate ADA accessible cable driven multi-purpose, multi-planer machines
  • Urethane coated Free Weights and Dumbbells (no clanging weights)

Health, Safety, and Energy Efficiency:

  • AED Auto Defibrillator on site
  • Energy efficient lighting throughout the entire facility use less than 10% of the energy of a traditional fitness centers
  • 98% efficiency furnace was installed recently
  • We recycled and reused most of the materials throughout the facility
  • No VOC chemicals in facility
  • All equipment lubricated with natural oils
  • Air Conditioned
  • No blaring music or annoying TV's


  • Private, semi private and small group functional personal training available at an additional cost
  • On-site Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy is available at an additional cost