About Sam Iannetta

Gaining new confidence in your own healthy biomechanics is one of the things you get from working with Sam. His analysis is unique in that he uses a system of patterning that he designed. Sam puts three decades of thought into your training and in the past three decades he has performed over 60,000 hours of one on one personal training.  Sam has also been a group class instructor for many thousands of hours and has personally mentored over 100 top personal trainers. “My first piece of marketing was a t-shirt that read, When Knowledge and Experience Meet Common Sense© and had my name and phone number on it,  “I still stand by that statement from many years ago”.

sam iannetta

Sam has held 29 different national certifications in personal training and nutrition, speed and agility, senior fitness and special populations and maintains only the best, including the National Academy of Sports Medicine, ACPT (Advanced Certified Personal Trainer) and National Fitness Therapy Association, Accredited Fitness Therapist, Level 3 Master Reiki Practitioner, Certified Speed and Agility Coach and is certified to use a Class IV Laser. He has been CPR and First Aid Certified since he was 21 years old. Sam is also a father of four and revels in a playful embrace of life.  He also has a great way of adding humor to complicated issues and situations, using phrases regularly like “No Brain, No Gain©”, while having a habit of punching holes in many of today’s fitness fads.

sam iannetta and client
Sam Iannetta doing a floating pushup

Although you may hear the term “Functional Fitness” used elsewhere, it was Sam who may have originated the term as a way to describe paying huge attention to exercises that promote health throughout his clients lifetime.  His Patented System called “Fitness Longevity®” is an analysis system of which he created to help solve many client issues.  “Many of my clients walk through my doors the first day as what doctors call an “interesting case” having issues that no one has been able to fix because they are not common.  This led him to create a system of analysis that uses everyday life movements. He and his trainers can analyze skeletal position, muscular discrepancies and movement patterns to determine what is moving properly and improperly. Then he creates exercise programs that truly change the way you move and set you on the path to pain-free fitness. Often, movement problems are the root cause of many physical and emotional ailments. He gets to the source of the problem, not just the symptom. Functional Fitness has been shaped into a buoyant atmosphere of teamwork and camaraderie that is the community spirit of Functional Fitness and his system of “Fitness Longevity®".

sam iannetta and client
Sam with an older client

In order to share his views on fitness and sport, Sam has donated his time to schools and government agencies, teaming with those who seek to recharge some of the policies regarding physical education for our young people. Sam served for years on the board of directors of the Colorado Governor's Council for Physical Fitness, a strictly volunteer group that promotes physical activity and exercise programs and sponsors youth events throughout the state.

More than an avid exercise enthusiast, Sam has broken the American power-lifting record three times and has spent decades training drug free.  In winning multiple Colorado power-lifting championships, he has broken state records in many categories as well. He competes in the Lifetime Drug Free category (sometimes called PURE), and in many competitions Sam uses no supportive equipment.

A bio can only scratch the surface of 40 years in health and fitness so if you would like to find out more, call or email.

Sam Iannetta jumping in the mountains
Sam Iannetta playing with one of his daughters
Grandfather and granddaughter
sam iannetta and daughter