Scapular stabilization-Lower W’s

Must have 2 long handles for this move or a long rope tied to a metal ring. Thicker rope works best, not too huge, you want to be able to wrap each end around each hand. Note the position of the machine arm.

Things to feel/track:

  • Weight in heels, knees slightly bent, abs engaged, back is lightly engaged, breath is pressurized and moving, no breath holding, chest up, head is looking up slightly, slight bend in elbows, Shoulder blades stay on back, no slouching
  • Breath is inhaling when arms pull down and exhaling when they return to beginning, (yes backwards than normal, you can try both ways, try to feel the difference)
  • Weight stack is on 10-15 pounds until you feel the move is solid in your understanding, usually over 5 sets the move becomes integrated into your structure. Still a lighter move, do not go over 35 pounds, unless you are just a massive strong person. 10-20 reps 3 sets
  • Speed can vary on this one, slow is good to start, don’t over do the breathing, keep this move slower