Scapular Stabilizing: Short Pec Minor Active Stretch

You will need a rope set up or the long handles sold by free motion. Can also use a rubber band

Things to feel:

  • Weight is in mid foot to balls of feet, knees slightly bent, abs are on harder, chest up, shoulder blades together on the back, the band is on the inside of the arms, elbows are doing the pushing, will feel shoulder blades being pushed together (feels good), make sure arms are 2-4 inches off the body leaving space between you and the cord/handles. no snapping, nice and squeeasy.
  • Breath inhale during the push phase, exhaling during the push
  • Can be done in a staggered stance, or with a small step forward
  • Weight stack is set to 15 at first, when the move feels comfortable, increase load to a 15 rep set for 3
  • You will feel what muscles are doing to work, if you are engaging your mind through your body! Remember don’t just exercise, you must pay attention to your joints moving in space! It’s fun!