Personal Training

We use an analysis based approach for our personal training services.  We look at each individual's subtle differences in movement and function to determine what movement or exercise patterns would give you the greatest improvement in function over a lifetime.  Many times we can help solve the problems that are the cause of aches, pain and suffering due to life's wear and tear, trauma and injuries. From all of his and his trainer's experiences in personal training and in life Sam formulated a system of training called "Fitness Longevity®". The concept is to look at fitness and fitness level from the standpoint of a lifetime not just a moment in time.

Physical Therapy & Therapeutic Bodywork

At Functional Fitness our team of professionals include  highly skilled, veteran Physical Therapists, Structural Integration Specialists, Therapeutic Massage Therapists that work together to help solve complex physical issues.  In many cases we work as a team communicating our findings with each other so everyone is on the same page with solving our clients problems. A truly functional approach.

Special Services

Special Services are available upon request and consultation.  Clients come to Functional Fitness because of our knowledge, experience, skills and our ability to solve complex problems.  We have developed this skill set over many years and it is portable, so we can come to you! Whether you have been struggling with life long issues we can help.  If you want to live with improved vigor, vitality and know you are going about your exercise correctly. Maybe you have a family that just does not seem to be moving well through life; we can help.  Your corporate executives seem to have lost their edge; we can help.

Here are a few of our special services:

  • Fly to your location and use our skills to solve problems.  Inside or outside the U.S.
  • Consult on gym equipment and layout
  • Sports Team Consulting
  • Use our analytical skills on your family
  • Analysis of corporate executives
  • Personal Coaching that holds you to a new standard in reality

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