Shoulder/Back/Torso/Hips Integration: Single Arm Alternating Overhead Press with Obvious Weight Shift

Things to Feel:

  • Chest open, shoulder blades connected and stable, feet are slightly turned out, knees slightly bent, hips slightly bent, abs are contracted but allow movement.
  • Anytime an exercise is divided into alternating segments, it becomes exponentially more complicated.
  • Keep the range of arms shorter and don’t snap the elbows, squeeze the resistance through the bone.
  • We consider this move advanced, if you pay attention to how big the move is, you will feel it.
  • Start with 10-15 lbs on cable cross until you understand the components of the move, especially the weight shifting aspect. Move the weight up when you are warm. 2-3 sets of 15-25,
  • A hint to this move: when your abs start to burn you are on to the deeper purpose of this move, it may take you over 70 sets to feel it so be patient and pay attention.