Shoulder/Torso Stabilization: Single Arm Lat Pull Down with Short Twist

The Free motion Cable cross is by far the most advanced piece of equipment on the market! It’s smooth and fast, no jerkiness. And it allows your body to move freely.

Things to feel:

  • Chest up facing the cable, weight is mostly in front leg, hip square to cable, Rotation comes mostly from torso, no knee moving, knees stay in position under hips
  • Keep shoulder blades on the back, elbow is held away from the body at a 45 degree angle, wrist held straight, unloaded arm swings countered to loaded arm
  • Weight is more than you would think 20-45 to start, can get up to 85 lbs. Make sure to control the weight, don’t let it snap you back on the return. 3 sets each arm.
  • This is considered a back exercise, but so much more is happening.