Single Arm Row on Stability Ball (Back Stabilization/ Ab Stabilization/ Shoulder Stabilization)

Great move for all shoulders! Things to pay attention to:

  • Spine is straight, low back is extended meaning refer to video, butt is sticking out, weight in heals, shoulder blades are engaged on the back pinched together
  • elbow range never goes beyond the back, meaning back of arm ends at parallel with the back, there is a little bit of load in the arm on the ball for balance.
  • If you can feel the abs engaged through the move, you are in great shape, if you feel the back hurting, you need to feel the abs firing harder and check your back position, refer to video.

2-3 sets of 10-15 reps ( the load of this move will quickly increase due to using big muscle groups, start around 15-20 lbs until you can keep loaded shoulder blade on back, then go to a weight that pushes you.