Static Squat Lat Pull Down

Notice the position of cable cross arms (notch 1,2,3 or 4) Facing the machine.

Things to feel:

  • Weight in mid foot to heels, butt is reaching away from machine, knees over the feet, Chest is up, abs are engaged, Head is looking down towards bottom of machine, no looking up, drive the elbows toward the butt keeping the chest open, do not bring elbows in front of you, wrists stay straight, no wrist straining!
  • Breath: Exhale on the down pull, inhale during return
  • Weight Stack: start around 30+/- lbs. Heavy Maximum is a 7 rep weight, meaning it takes at least 7 reps to reach fatigue. 3 sets
  • General rule, do not do this move on a heavy chest day, this move is a part of heavy back day