I’ve been going to Sam’s Functional Fitness for 4 years and have had a wonderful experience. Sam really knows what he is doing and makes an assessment of your body mechanics, strengths and weaknesses, before putting together a program that is right for you. He will change that program as your body’s needs change whether it is due to injury, illness or needing to improve in a particular sport. All the other trainers and PT’s associated with Functional Fitness are friendly and highly skilled as well. I strongly recommend Functional Fitness.

- Randy M.

I've been training with Sam for several years. I went to him with back troubles and because of him I'm still physically active today! I highly recommend him to anyone who has an injury that needs to be addressed, would like to move better or get in shape!

- Terri C.

I recently started working out at Functional Fitness with a trainer, Alex, whom I really like. She keeps me moving at a rate that pushes me just enough. I come out of our sessions feeling really good about myself and looking forward to the next session!

- Barbara T.

Sam and his entire staff are absolutely amazing! With experience, education and every day-training, they are all exceptionally knowledgable and excited to help you reach your goals! Keep on keeping on team!

- Carlie M.

Very knowledgeable, gave me several great ideas for stabilizing and strengthening glad I traveled from central Iowa to meet with Sam. He is very willing to work with Doctors and (physical therapist from home). Will do it again if needed. Thanks, Sam!

- Cindy F.

Sam is a true pro and expert in his field physical fitness and training. I was given the opportunity to make a video for Sam a few years back. During production we interviewed many of Sam's clients, all of them told stories about how Sam pretty much saved there lives. People with weight, diet and heart problems. They all stated that if it were not for Sam, they would probably be confined to a bed for the rest of their lives, incredibly overweight, or dead. Truly touching stories about people given a second chance because they chose to make their bodies better with the help and guidance of Sam Iannetta.

- Mark R.

Sam's skill and experience in the field of Fitness is extensive and unparalleled. As he continues to grow, he never stops learning and keeps up to speed on all the newest offerings of the trend driven fitness industry. There is no one in the country like him with his bio-mechanical knowledge of human movement as it applies to reality, his ability to perceive beyond the status quo, and his willingness to share with the willing and open-minded. If you empty your mind and remain open to hearing something that will blow your mind, you will never cease to learn about the art of functional fitness.

- Charles H.

Sam is one the best (If not the best.) rehabilitation specialists in the front-range. In the last ten years he has gotten my patients better, faster and with better outcomes than any other trainer, physical therapist or strength coach I have worked with. He is worth waiting for!!

-Thomas R., M.D.

Love working out with Sam because... Sam understands my capabilities/limitations and you maximize every session with a challenging and varied workout! I can actually feel the progress I am making each time we are together.

- Jane M.

Sam's training allowed me to resume many activities that I had dropped due to numerous previous injuries. His approach worked. Previous time with a number of other professionals (inc. physical therapists, MDs, massage therapists) didn't. I have a high maintenance body/life-style and I now consider regular workouts with Sam an important part of my health maintenance.

- Steve S.

It seems Sam has a natural gift for seeing how a body functions mechanically and knows exactly how to correct alignment. He helped me with several areas including gait, posture, and strength to correct worsening aging issues, as well as prevent injury potentially. I was surprised but completely understood the things he pointed out after the initial functional assessment, where he watches you walk for several minutes on a treadmill as well as other tests. I learned a lot.

- Sandy B.

I just had a massage with Saulius Zilis. When I got up off the table, my balance was superb.  It is as if Saulius’s work on my legs had freed up all sorts of blocks to little muscles needed to provide two aspects of balance—working muscles and feedback of actively feeling balanced.  From six inches above my knees down to the soles of my feet, there is a subtle energetic humming still (close to two hours after we finished).  Walking, my posture feels good and supported by a toe to head energy. I feel tall and lithe. It felt to me that there was nothing routine in Saulius’s work. He went for long term problem areas like neck and shoulders and, while there was pain along the way, left everything feeling open and energized.  If I were in town for another week I would definitely have signed up for another appt.  Instead, Saulius and I have agreed to be in touch whenever I pass through Boulder.  

- Michelle M.

Sam knows the body and how it functions like no one else. His knowledge and experience have kept me "functioning actively" for years, even with 2 knee replacements. I'm grateful to Sam for caring and helping me feel like 20 years younger. I recommend him highly.

- Tania E.

As a Colorado State record holding Powerlifter, I have called on Sam many times for help during my training for high level Power Lifting competitions. As both a trainer and a "walking the walk" training partner, Sam's knowledge of the body, and how it works best in an athletically specific situation is second to none. He has many of his own, but he surely deserves a part of my trophy collection as well.

Cy H.

Sam has worked with me for about a dozen years. I owe him the maintenance of my health and fitness, as I enter my ninetieth year. Thanks, Sam!

-- Mary T.

Sam Ianetta is one of the best personal trainers worldwide that I had the pleasure to learn from. I can highly recommend him.

- Robert S.